Usefull info

Usefull information

Please note that the shade of yarn in real life may differ from the shade that you see on the monitor, because the color display depends on the manufacturer of the monitor (matrix), its settings, calibration and color profiles used.

To help you finding the right shade, you can send us a sample of right color (piece of paper, yarn or fabric) and yarn specification so we can match it to the yarn, still available at that moment.

When you choose to use stock yarn you have to consider and agree on risks of having some joints of thread inside the cone. Those are not obvious to seller and cannot be considered as low-quality or defective product. While we as yarn dealer carefully inspect every cone from outside, it’s not possible to investigate the condition of yarn inside each cone. When any defect (different type or color of yarn) is detected please inform us about it so we can work on this issue together with our suppliers.

If it’s critical to have unbroken thread of yarn (for instance for machine knitting) it’s advised to rewind yarn to another cone to check for damage or other defects.

The amount of moisture absorbed by the yarn depends on temperature, relative humidity of the air, atmospheric pressure, storage conditions at the buyer as well as on the type of fiber. These effects can lead to a change in the actual weight. The variation of the yarn weight can be up to 2%.